CanneleCannelé (Can-a-lay)

This distinctive fluted Tea Cake is a speciality of the Bordeaux region of France. They have a dark caramelised crust, and a soft custardy centre, flavoured with rum and vanilla.
“I had my first Cannelé on a trip to the South of France in the summer of 2007 with my husband. We were bowled over by their wonderful texture and flavour and I was inspired to master them myself”

cap brownieCappuccino Brownie

A rich and enticing chocolate brownie flavoured with espresso, topped with cream cheese frosting and coated in a dark chocolate ganache.
“The American classic with a European twist – decadent and delicious!“

cap brownieChoux Puffs

Choux pastry puffs filled with a delicious vanilla flavoured crème pâtissiére
and topped with a dark chocolate drizzle

financierFinancier (Fee-nahn-see-ay)

A delicious golden almond Tea Cake, made popular in Paris, which is delectably light and moist and baked here with fresh Raspberries.
“A real party favourite, almost addictive!“

madeleinesMadeleines (Mad-el-eyn)

This delightful Tea Cake with its elegant shell like shape is a French favourite. A combination here of classic lemon and rich dark chocolate flavour.
“I first started making these little gems more than 15 yrs ago and I am still as excited to make them now as I was then.“
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